10 Best Places To Visit In Mumbai (With Photos & Videos)


places to visit in mumbai

Mumbai otherwise called Bombay is the capital city of the Indian territory of Maharashtra. Starting at 2011 it is the most crowded city in India with an expected city appropriate populace of 12.4 million. The bigger Mumbai Metropolitan Region is the second most crowded metropolitan region in India, with a populace of 21.3 million starting at 2016. Mumbai lies on the Konkan coast on the west shoreline of India and has a profound regular harbor. In 2008, Mumbai was named an alpha world city.It is likewise the wealthiest city in India,and has the most astounding number of moguls and extremely rich people among all urban communities in India.Mumbai is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Elephanta Caves, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, and the city’s particular outfit of Victorian and Art Deco structures

10. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

chhatrapati shivaji terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), earlier known, Victoria Terminus, is a cutting edge yet bygone railroad station in the clamoring capital city of Maharashtra – Mumbai. The glorious structure is the ideal case of the Victorian-Gothic style of design in India and was worked in 1878. Truth be told, the railroad station, which still capacities not surprisingly, waas a World Heritage Site under UNESCO in 1997. The station is continually clamoring with the hints of the metro city and local people. It is a clamoring railroad end, however there are a few corners of it that will make you have an inclination that you have ventured into the pages of British history.It is a standout amongst the most well known recorded milestones in the nation that is likewise the second most captured landmark in India.Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was developed in 1887 and it as of now works as the home office of the Central Railways. It is well-associated with every one of the pieces of the nation as it fills in as a station for long-remove just as short-separation or passenger trains which are regularly called nearby trains. The design of the end is the thing that attracts the vast majority to it.

9. Bandra-Worli Sea Link.

bandra-worli sea link

Formally known as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, this eight-path link stayed connect in Mumbai is the principal venture started by Maharashtra Government that initiates West Island Freeway System. Bandra Worli Sea Link is one of only a handful couple of scaffolds that is a link remained with pre-focused on solid steel viaducts to hold it set up. Crossing over the curve of Mumbai’s coastline, this ocean connect is a structural designing miracle that mirrors the cutting edge framework of the city of Mumbai. The scaffold is intended to cook around 37,500 vehicles for each day while lessening the time travel among Bandra and Worli by a major edge. The excellence of the Bandra Worli Sea Link is in its building virtuoso which compliments the ocean that it is worked over.

8. Girgaum Chowpatty.

girgaum chawpatty

Famously known as Chowpatty, the shoreline is situated in southern Mumbai along the western railroad course. This little sandy shoreline is a mainstream spot to chill, and an absolute necessity visit for all vacationers who visit Marine Drive for the first time.At night, the shoreline seems to resemble a brilliant reasonable. Youngsters from all age bunches hurry to ride the Ferris haggle go-rounds, while the grown-ups enjoy the city’s popular road snacks. Guests likewise head to adjacent attractions and neighborhood markets, to capitalize on their outing. Never is this shoreline vacant or abandoned. You will dependably discover either individual here, lazing around on the shoreline; or kids, lost in their reality, joyfully assembling sand strongholds along the shore. All things considered, the Girgaum Chowpatty offers fun, craze and joys all folded into one, and it merits putting in a couple of hours here to break free from the generally claustrophobic city.

7. Elephanta Caves.

elephanta caves

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Elephanta Caves is an example of shake cut workmanship and engineering from the seasons of medieval India. The caverns are situated on the Elephanta or Gharapuri island which is arranged at a separation of 11 km from the city of Mumbai. Locally known as Gharapurichi Leni, the Elephanta Caves that exist today are remnants of what were once extravagantly painted fine arts. It likewise gives a stunning perspective on the Mumbai horizon. You can achieve the Elephanta Caves by means of a ship ride from Gateway of India. This accumulation of cavern sanctuaries goes back to fifth to seventh hundreds of years and the vast majority of them are devoted to Lord Shiva.There are two gatherings of recesses in the site of the Elephanta Caves, the first is an expansive gathering of five Hindu caverns and the second one is a littler gathering of two Buddhist caverns. The Hindu caverns contain the stone figures speaking to the Shaiva Hindu faction. The caverns are an outflow of craftsmanship and various imperative symbolisms are etched here, which incorporate ‘Trimurti’ or three-headed Shiva, ‘Gangadhar’ which is an appearance of the stream Ganga as she plummets to the earth and ‘Ardhnareshwar’, which is a portrayal of Shiva and Parvati in a similar body. Notwithstanding being an imperative legacy site, the Elephanta Caves are additionally a far-fetched trekking goal.

6. Haji Ali Dargah

haji ali dargah

Arranged on the setting of a lovely perspective on the Arabian ocean is the holy place of Haji Ali, devoted to the well off dealer turned who surrendered his common effects and transformed into Muslim Sufi holy person after an outing to Mecca. Haji Ali Dargah is situated on a little islet that is off the southern bank of Mumbai close Worli. Individuals from varying backgrounds and religions come here to look for endowments. The Dargah must be gotten to amid the low tides by means of an interstate that is encompassed by the ocean on all sides. During the evening, the perspective on the place of worship lit up out there with only the ocean around it, is an awesome sight.Built of glass, the tomb is a delightful delineation of the Indo-Islamic style of engineering. A marble patio contains the focal place of worship. The tomb inside the mosque is roofed by a brocaded red and green material, bolstered by a dazzling silver casing and marble segments. The primary corridor has marble columns engraved with inventive mirror work: blue, green, yellow chips of glass orchestrated in fluctuated plans and Arabic examples which spell the ninety-nine names of Allah. According to Islamic traditions, there are distinctive supplicating spaces for women and gentlemen.

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5. Siddhivinayak Temple.

siddhivinayak temple

The Siddhivinayak Temple in the Prabhadevi region is an adored holy place committed to Lord Ganesha and is a standout amongst the most huge and frequented sanctuaries in Mumbai. This sanctuary was worked in the year 1801 by Laxman Vithu and Deubai Patil. The couple did not have any offspring of their own and chose to assemble the Siddhivinayak sanctuary in order to satisfy the desires of other barren ladies. Curiously, the statue of Lord Ganesha here is accepted to act naturally showed and gives wishes.The Temple has a little sanctum lodging the symbol of Shri Ganesha, which is around over two feet wide and made out of a solitary bit of dark stone. The sanctuary has achieved a prominent status not just in light of the fact that it is trusted that the Ganesha in the sanctuary is particularly venerated, yet in addition on account of its notoriety with Film stars and the fat cats of the business. It is additionally the most extravagant sanctuary in Mumbai as it generates INR 100 Million in gifts every year from aficionados over the world.

4. Juhu Beach.

juhu beach

Juhu shoreline is the longest shoreline in Mumbai and the most prominent among travelers also. It is famous for its wide assortment of road nourishment that has an average Mumbai season and is sweet and sharp. The encompassing territory of Juhu is one of the poshest territories in Mumbai and is home to a ton of renowned Bollywood and TV big names – the most popular being Amitabh Bachchan’s cottage – and it isn’t uncommon to recognize a VIP running on the beach.Television shoots are frequently held and various toy-dealers, broiled corn merchants and gymnastic performers pull in the eye. While here, you may likewise visit the notable ISKCON Temple which is meters from the shoreline or watch a theater exhibition at the renowned Prithvi Cafe. Simply going for stroll over the shoreline sand can bring an unbounded feeling of quiet. In spite of the fact that the shoreline was censured for being unclean, endeavors by BMC have altogether improved the view in the previous couple of years.

3. Colaba Causeway.

colaba causeway

A standout amongst the most energizing and diverse spots to visit in Mumbai is the Colaba Causeway, renowned for being a customer’s heaven. Notable, best case scenario, ask any Mumbaikar and they will disclose to you that the Causeway is basically the core of Mumbai. Resurgent, even after the fear assault, this shopping road stood up on its feet in the blink of an eye. Aside from perfect garments and embellishments, particularly studs, you can likewise discover extraordinary deals on home stylistic theme stuff, for example, lampshades, doodads and collectibles. On the off chance that architect stuff is your purpose in life, there are various alternatives for that also. On the off chance that you do have a craving for getting a nibble and a lager, there are various eateries that offer incredible nourishment and liquor at entirely moderate costs and Cafe Leopold and Cafe Mondegar are practically the best!Colaba Causeway goes about as the land interface among Colaba and the Old Woman’s Island.

2. Gate Way of India.

gate way of india

The Gateway of India is, without uncertainty, a standout amongst the most prominent traveler hotspots of Mumbai. Sitting gladly on the Apollo Bunder, it disregards the Arabian Sea. It is one of the characterizing landmarks of the city of Mumbai and was worked in the year 1924. The development was embraced by the celebrated planner George Wittet, to remember the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai. The overwhelming structure of the landmark is a delightful intersection of Indian, Arabic and Western design and has turned into a well known visitor center point in the city. It is additionally the beginning stage of various ship benefits that employ to the noteworthy Elephanta Caves.Nicknamed ‘Mumbai’s Taj Mahal’, the establishment of this milestone was laid in 1911 and it was initiated 13 years after the fact in 1924. The structure in itself is a made of yellow basalt and strong cement and is adorned with various Muslim and Hindu themes also. The basalt curve of the Gateway filled in as the passage and leave access to India through conduits before autonomy and was the leave point from where the last British ship left India for England.

1. Marine Drive.

marine drive

Marine Drive is the most effectively recognizable milestone related with Mumbai and is characteristic of the allure and sparkle of the city. It is basically 3.6 km long, curve molded road along the South Mumbai coast that begins at the southern end of Nariman Point and finishes at Girgaum Chowpatty, famously known as Chowpatty Beach. The coast wraps the Arabian ocean and is the best spot in Mumbai to watch the nightfall or even to simply go for a restful walk by the ocean whenever of the day or night. Around evening time, when the entire coastline illuminates, it legitimizes its other moniker for example Ruler’s Necklace.The entire bend of the coastline, protected with palm trees makes for an awesome view during the evening – you can go to either finish of Marine Drive after dusk and see the lights sparkling in an ideal circular segment up and down the coast. Individuals come to stroll here at night to encounter the splendid nightfall. It is likewise one of the spots individuals visit late during the evening, and you will discover merchants selling chai and cigarettes at extremely inconvenient times. The sound of the waves, a perspective on the Mumbai horizon and the starry sky effectively make Marine Drive a standout amongst the most sentimental spots in the city.

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